Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

ARMANfire Chef is a specific system
for the protection of kitchen equipment
that guarantees a rapid response,
with automatic detection and extinction and ensures an immediate action at the origin of the fire source, avoiding collateral damage. Designed specifically to protect the safety in professional kitchens, ARMANfire
Chef complies with International Standards, and is delivered in a kit with all the necessary components to
be installed easily.

Key Features:

LPCB Approved.
The fine spray discharge prevents the dangerous splash of hot grease/ oil or thermal shock damage to cooking appliances.
High-rate protection, up to 45 litres of burning oil covered by only one nozzle.
Re-ignition is prevented by a process in which the wet chemical agent combines with the grease to form a soapy layer at the surface sealing off the fuel from the oxygen, allowing the grease to cool to below its auto-ignition temperature.
Eco-friendly AFFF agent with quick biodegradability, up to 72% after 3 days and needs less oxygen to achieve it complete (>99%). Free of PFOS and PFAS.