Electric Panel Fire Suppression Systems

Organizations today are more reliant on technology than ever before. Safeguarding mission critical electric enclosures against damage or downtime is crucial. Using historical solutions to protect these equipment is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Thus, we have introduced a specific system guaranteeing ease of design, installation and maintenance and, of course, appropriate extinguishing capabilities.

Suppression Agents: FE-36, FK-5-1-1-2, CO2

Key Features:

LPCB Approved.
Precise installation around critical fire sources.
Fire suppression agent is transported through a special hi-tech polymer tube exactly to the origin of the fire.
The flexible polymer tube is heat sensitive along its entire length, which is the equivalent of having a full detection line.
High and low pressure systems available with Carbon Dioxide and HFC-227 agents offering most adequate solutions for each application, ensuring no corrosion, electrical non conductivity and no production of residues upon discharge.
New valve technology, incorporating integrated ball valve and pressure regulated exit (high pressure systems) avoid accidental discharges during transportation, manipulation and installation.
No external power supply required. System is 100% pneumatically / mechanically actuated
Pre-engineered: all the necessary material for installation as a ready to assemble kit.

Mechanism and application areas:

A pressurized detection tube is routed inside the electric enclosure. In the event of fire, the tube will burst at the source of heat or flame. This releases the extinguishing agent in the enclosure through the burst spot or a separate piping network and nozzles, extinguishing the fire.

Application Areas:
Electrical cabinets
Telecommunication racks
Control Panels
CNC machines