Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Suppression systems utilize a new generation of agents, environmentally friendly, have been developed maintaining the excellent properties to extinguish fires of Halon without the environmental issues.

Suppression Agents: HFC-227 EA, FK-5-1-1-2

Key Features:

VdS Approved.
Maintenance at its safest; all components may be assembled and disassembled whilst under pressure, this includes: pressure gauge, pneumatic release, manual release and solenoid valve.
Discharge-free commissioning system, whilst performing system functional testing during commissioning, the release circuit can be disconnected from the valves avoiding any accidental discharge and allow easy testing.
Standing strong and secure; stand alone or wall mounted brackets with several configurations available, adapting the system to the room space.
Flexible and resistant; all release and discharge hoses take into account the best balance between flexibility and durability, allowing easy installation and strength to withstand the pass of time.
Differential pressure actuation allows using the same pressure from the cylinder to maintain the valve closed, reducing dramatically leakage problems even with high temperature fluctuations.

Mechanism and application:

Clean Agent Systems discharge completely within 10 seconds, removing sufficient heat from the fire and interrupting the combustion chain reaction and thus, extinguishing the fire completely.

Ideally used in situations where water from fire sprinkler would damage expensive equipment or where water-based fire protection is impractical.

Application Areas:
Clean rooms
IT rooms